Honors Residential Commons 
at Virginia Tech

   "In fellowship, all things grow."

The Faculty Principal helps shape the intellectual vision of the Honors Residential Commons (HRC) and an ambitious goal for the Junior Fellows: Prepare to be citizens of the world in a globalizing age.  The founding principals established four pillars that will help Junior Fellows achieve the most out of their time at Virginia Tech and to become globally engaged students.  These four pillars are a foundation on which to build a successful college career.  That does not mean that these are the only things that matter; we each still need to go out and make ourselves interesting.  The Principal and Senior Fellows will do their utmost to help Junior Fellows make the most of their years at Virginia Tech, and we believe that these four pillars provide a firm foundation.

Learn a Language

In the era of globalization, communication becomes key. Technological developments over the last century have shrunk the size of the world, and global communication has become an everyday reality. Developing an ability to communicate across cultures prepares us for the future.

Study Abroad

College is the perfect time to go out and see the world, to gather a fuller understanding of the challenges and opportunities before us, and to figure out how we can make a difference. Living abroad may be the most transformative thing a student can do in college.

Conduct Scholarly Research

Large research universities offer opportunities to do real research with serious scholars, and we encourage all fellows to take full advantage of this opportunity. Talk to members of the HRC that have done serious undergraduate research, and they will tell you what a valuable experience it is.

Embrace Ut Prosim

Virginia Tech's motto is Ut Prosim (that I may serve), and the HRC offers a number of opportunities to engage in a life of service at the local, national, and international level. Engagement means not only offering your service others, but learning about other people in a deep and meaningful way.

Much thanks to Junior Fellow Ralph Hale for sharing his artistic talents to create these graphics for each pillar.

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