Honors Residential Commons 
at Virginia Tech

   "In fellowship, all things grow."

Senior Fellows are Virginia Tech faculty and esteemed members of the New River Valley who have chosen to affiliate with the Honors Residential Commons (HRC).  The role of Senior Fellows is to engage the Junior Fellows (undergraduate students of the HRC) in pursuing development of themselves, relationships with others, and the projection of their passions into the greater community.  This role is captured in the HRC motto: “In fellowship, all things grow.”  While many people engage with our community, the following is a list of active Senior Fellows.

  • Patricia Amateis, Chemistry, pamateis@vt.edu, 540-231-6629
  • Ralph Amateis, Research Associate, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, ralph@vt.edu
  • Brian Britt, Religion and Culture (Chair), C21S, bbritt@vt.edu, 540-231-5118
  • Kim Carlson, Management, kimcarlson2009@vt.edu, 540-231-7382
  • Karen DePauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education, kpdepauw@vt.edu, 540-231-7581
  • John Dooley, Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc., jdooley@vt.edu, 540-231-2265
  • Amanda Eagan, Honors Residential Commons, aeagan2@vt.edu, 540-231-2497
  • Rick Ferraro, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, rferraro@vt.edu, 540-231-5313
  • Skip Garner, Medical Informatics Translation, Training and Ethics, garners@vt.edu, 540-231-8920
  • Jake Grohs, Engineering Education, jrgrohs@vt.edu
  • Heather Gumbert, History, hgumbert@vt.edu, 540-231-8378
  • Paul Heilker, Honors Faculty Fellow for Curriculum Development, pheilker@vt.edu, 540-231-4591
  • Jean Heremans, Physics, heremans@vt.edu, 540-231-4604
  • Greg Jenkins, Accounting and Information Systems, greg.jenkins@vt.edu, 540-231-2527
  • Eric Kaufman, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, ekk@vt.edu, 540-231-6258
  • Shevon Kaufman, Full-time Mom and Family Planner, 4617 East Ambler Johnston Hall
  • Caleb J. Keith, University of Georgia, cjkeith@uga.edu
  • Paul Knox, Honors College Dean, University Distinguished Professor, knox@vt.edu, 540-231-4591
  • Leigh-Anne Krometis, Biological Systems Engineering, lehenry@vt.edu, 540-231-4372
  • Christina McIntyre, Director of Major Scholarships, Honors College, cmcintyre@vt.edu, 540-231-4591
  • Jim McIntyre, Software Programmer, Jim@becomealum.com
  • Kim Menier, Medical Anthropologist, kmenier@vt.edu
  • Mary Miller, IDD Inc. President, mmiller@iddnet.com
  • Andy Morikawa, Institute of Policy and Governance, andrjm7@vt.edu
  • Jamie Penven, Director of Housing and Residential Life, Radford University, jpenven@radford.edu, 540-831-5375
  • Karl Precoda, Sociology, Theatre and Cinema, karlp@vt.edu.
  • Jay Read, Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health Graduate Coordinator, JayRead@vt.edu, 540-231-3604
  • Kaitlin Read, Lab Manager at VTCRI, kaitlinaread@gmail.com
  • Russell Shrader, Director of Honors Admissions, rbshrade@vt.edu, 540-231-4591
  • Frank Shushok, Student Affairs and Dept. of Higher Education, fshushok@vt.edu, 540-231-8064
  • Steve Skripak, Professor of Practice in Management, sskripak@vt.edu, 540-231-7383
  • Amber Smith, Director of Honors Teaching and Learning, azsmith@vt.edu, 540-231-4591
  • Thomas Staley, Materials Science & Engineering, tstaley@vt.edu, 540-231-0759
  • Robert Stephens, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs CLAHS, History, rosteph2@vt.edu, 540-231-5326
  • Keri Swaby, University Undergraduate Research Coordinator, kswaby@vt.edu, 540-231-7737
  • Maryne Taute, Assistant Director for Residence Life, tautem@vt.edu, 540-231-7938
  • Gordon Yee, Chemistry, gyee@vt.edu, 540-231-3090

Emeriti Senior Fellows

The following individuals previously served as active senior fellows for the HRC, and the Senior Fellows Council has bestowed upon them the title of Senior Fellow Emeritus.

Address: 700 Washington St SW, Blacksburg VA 24061

Phone: +1 (540) 231-2497

Email: aeagan2@vt.edu

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