Honors Residential Commons 
at Virginia Tech

   "In fellowship, all things grow."

The Honors Residential Commons has a robust, shared-leadership approach to self–governance. The formal leadership structures include the Commons Council (elected by popular vote of the HRC fellowship), Resident Advisors (selected through a rigorous hiring process), and Apartment Fellows (appointed based on group application and interviews).  All of these student leaders work together to steward the mission of the residential college.  In fact, every student, regardless of their age, year, or position, is a leader within the Honors Residential Commons.  There is no limit to what each student can do or contribute, and because of that every student is encouraged to make a difference in the community. 

Commons Council

Danny Murray, President

Sophie Campos, Vice President

Steven Miller, Secretary

Alissa Hoffman, Treasurer

Galina Belolipetski, Historian

Akshay Rajendran, Director of Communication

Emily Barritt, Director of Academic Enrichment

Vince Di Nardo, Director of Programming

Rasha Aridi, Director of Service Initiatives

Resident Advisors

Jillian Miller, 2nd Low

Anna Broshkevitch, 2nd High ("Lady Lair")

Erin Kocis , 3rd Low

Colby Weit, 3rd High ("Man Cave")

Skyler Mueller, 4th Low

Wolfe Glick, 4th High

Joseph Mills, 5th Low

Lauren Cashman, 5th High and Senior RA

Sean Reiter, 6th Low

Alexa Amster, 6th High

Apartment Fellows

 4th High
5th High
 6th High
 Emily Barritt
Rasha Aridi
Maria Bobbett
Kendra Hale

Griffin Hyde
Ted Alt
Nick Corbin
Michael Mills
 Jess King
Willow Pedersen
Galina Belolipetski
Moira Miller
 4th Low
 5th Low
 6th Low
 Jose Canahui
Steven Miller
Michael Erickson
Jim Owens
 Rachel Hargrave
Alissa Hoffman
Alexis Jurgens
Anna Stapor
Ling Liu
Dominique Ngo
Kelsea Mensh
Roxi Smith

Address: 700 Washington St SW, Blacksburg VA 24061

Phone: +1 (540) 231-2497

Email: aeagan2@vt.edu

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