Honors Residential Commons 
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   "In fellowship, all things grow."

Check out what's going on in the HRC this week!  The Google Calendar immediately below is the most comprehensive listing of HRC-related activities.  You may click on items in the calendar for more details. 

Items listed in the following "Upcoming Events" section are simply an elaboration of something in the Google Calendar above, either because it is a signature event for the HRC or the event is connected to a registration process.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

04 Dec 2016 HRC End-of-Semester Event
19 Aug 2016 HRC Convocation 2016
18 Aug 2016 The Exchange 2016
01 May 2016 HRC End-of-Year Banquet
25 Apr 2016 HRC CaDS Poster Showcase
23 Apr 2016 HRC Alumni Tailgate
06 Dec 2015 End-of-Semester Event
09 Nov 2015 HRC CaDS Poster Showcase
03 Oct 2015 HRC Fall Tailgate
21 Aug 2015 HRC Convocation
20 Aug 2015 The Exchange

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