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The Honors Residential Commons at Virginia Tech is a diverse community that welcomes University Honors students of all academic majors—freshmen through seniors and graduate students. Students must receive an offer of admission to Virginia Tech as well as an invitation to the University Honors program in order to apply. To be considered, students must enter the Honors application process and select the Honors Residential Commons in addition to signing a housing/dining contract to live on campus. Freshman applicants must also make a two–year housing commitment for the Honors Residential Commons to encourage a strong continuing community.

Individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree may volunteer to serve as a "Senior Fellow" for the Honors Residential Commons (HRC).  In most cases, we encourage you to participate in a few HRC events before committing to the role of Senior Fellow.  The attached Senior Fellow Role Description may be a helpful guide for prospective Senior Fellows.  You may direct any questions to the Faculty Principal.

Quotes from Senior Fellows Regarding Their Experience:

  • “One of the most fun times I had with HRC students was a dinner at my house for the girls on one of the halls.  I very much enjoyed that.  I also enjoy the D2 dinners and find that time to be a good opportunity to connect with a few HRC students.”
  • “I've really enjoyed the Principal's Tea. The guests have great stories and the students ask awesome questions.”
  • “All the activities and events are wonderful opportunities to engage with the HRCers and other Honors students.”
  • “The HRC is the best part of my VT experience. We like to have students over to our house in groups. I also hire students for my lab.”
  • “I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to connect with students in the HRC.  The opportunity to serve with an STA for the FHRCS has been an nice way to meet new students.”
  • “I really enjoy having the opportunity to interact with students in this capacity, and have a great time spending time with them when I can.”
  • “HRC provides a space on campus where students can practice informal networking with faculty, staff, and administrators. This kind of interaction prepares students for future leadership roles, gives them insight into the workings of the academic world, and facilitates connections among the various aspects of the intellectual and personal lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed conversations with students across the university, beyond my department and college.”


Quotes from Junior Fellows Regarding Their Experience:

  • “It is exciting to see interaction between senior and junior fellows, and I think it makes for a good opportunity to network.  In all, it has helped me become more comfortable talking to people in a professional sense.”
  • “Since D2uesday also includes senior and graduate fellows, it provides junior fellows with a unique and incredible to get to know graduates and professors and learn about their life experiences, what they are currently working on, and what amazing opportunities they have taken advantage. Their experience gives insight to junior fellows as to what amazing opportunities are available and advice for pursuing them.”
  • “After three years in the Honors Residential College, the idea of fellowship is a value that has worn a path in my heart. Within the Virginia Tech community as a whole I have met a variety of people who have gone on to become my dearest friends, inspirational mentors, and compassionate colleagues; furthermore, the fellowship I have found in the Honors Residential College has granted me some of the most influential, lifelong relationships ever possible.”
  • “I feel that this exposure to people, who have the opportunity to pursue unique experiences offered by the Honors College, who are at different phases of life, who come from non-homogenous backgrounds, is vital, especially during my college years.”

 Dr. Shushok @ tacky sweater gala.
 HRCuleans @ poster showcase.
 Panel for renegade seminar on race.

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