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   "In fellowship, all things grow."

Living-learning communities expand the potential for learning because they include both curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities (Grohs, Keith, Morikawa, Penven, & Stephens, 2013).  Although the residential college model promotes close faculty interaction, a fundamental advantage of the residential college system is “the way students in the colleges educate one another” (Ryan, 2001, p. 24). This page highlights some of the more formal learning opportunities offered by the community.

Other Credit-based Academic Seminars:

The Honors College offers a variety of student led seminars to meet students diverse interests.  Those include Honors Reading Seminars (UH 2124) and Honors Colloqui (UH 3004).  These courses are for honors students only, and the topics vary from semester to semester.  The Reading Seminars consist of small groups of Honors students (no more than 12) who gather once a week for a minimum of one hour to discuss books of their choice, usually on a single topic or within a single genre.  While offered as Pass/Fail credit only, Reading Seminars may be used toward the Honors Diploma.  The Honors colloqui offer unique subject matter, along with a conversational and experiential format that allows for a learning experience found nowhere else on campus.

First-year Honors Residential Commons Seminar (FHRCS):

FHRCS (pronounced frackas) is a one-credit, Pass/Fail class (UH 1004) that all first-year HRCuleans are required to take.  The course meets once a week at a specified time and about 5 extra times throughout the semester to do fun out-of-class activities (like going to plays or eating dinner downtown).  FHRCS introduces new Junior Fellows to opportunities around the HRC, Honors, Virginia Tech, and Blacksburg.  FHRCS discussions in the past have centered on topics such as community, self-awareness, academic success, ways to earn honors credit, and career planning.  FHRCS is a wonderful chance to foster community among smaller groups of students from around the building.  Also, the student FHRCS leader, FHRCS faculty member, and other FHRCS group members are fantastic resources for getting questions answered.

Flash Seminars:

A big part of a university education has nothing to do with your major. It is the conversations about big ideas that will shape the way to think about the world. Several times each semester, individual fellows hold a "flash seminar" on a topic they are knowledgeable and passionate about.  (These were previously called "rebel seminars" and "renegade seminars," because they were unconventional by academic standards.) The HRC has hosted seminars on religion, data mining, racial diversity, the future of education, yoga, gender issues, mathematical games, and other interesting topics. This is a great opportunity to have a deep conversation about important topics that will shape the world in which you live.

For more details on seminar activities and opportunities, check out our Events page.

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